Izumi is a crazy 17 year old teenager with an artistic soul.

Personal DetailsEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Gender: Female
  • Likes: Colors, riped clothing, needes, lollypops, her clothes, funny looking patches that resemble memories, memories, computers.
  • Hates: When people try to tell her what a brush is, when people think shes something other then human, changing.
  • Profile: #133 - IZUMI IS IN DA HOUSE
  • Debut: #211 - Lets Peep *u [Izumi's Intro... FINALLY]


Izumi is a teenager. She has blue and red colored hair that cover her eyes and most of her face.She also has a yellow cow hair clip in her hair. She wears a green sweater, black tank top underneath and baggy light blue pants. All of her clothes are faded and stained. Her clothes are covered in colorful patches. She has a fang and all her teeth are coal black.


Really loud and out their, will do anything to get her way. She also likes to annoy people and find someway to have fun. She has no clue what a brush is or how to use one, she seems sweet or shy but is an insane person that WILL get her way, oh and she's one of Bella's Childhood friends.


She was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a new born baby. She was then adopted whens he turned 3. She meet Bella Jones through pre-k when she was 4. Then she was abandoned again when she turned 9. She still attended the same school as Bella. When she turned 12 she was adopted again and moved to New York City. She was unable to keep in touch with Bella. She was abanoned again at age 13 and was able to make eough money to get back to Japan. By chance one day they meet again and they rented a one room apartment together and lived their until Bella moved out in seach of a new home. She was kicked out of the apartment for not paying rent and was in search for a new home.


Valentine Arc

She was seen peeping at everyone and video typing everyone. She is using all the stuff happening in the house as a home movie.

She meets Sarah Keller, who she becomes friends with and she helps her video type people at times even though she thinks its wrong, but she finds it a bit amusing.


  • Izumi resembles very much of BAMchick96 (her author).
  • No one is really sure if she has eyes or no, even tough she says she does