( Ricky has his human form, with his animal on his left)

Ricky is a young, and naive 16 year old male Wolf with grayish short hair and long baings. He wears a red t-shirt with a big black stripe on his upper chest. He also wears short, and darkish brown jeans that goes to his upper knee and white socks (plus brown shoes XD). Like Shadowtail, he keeps his gray tail and ears no matter what he changes into.

He is more of a playful puppy and is adored by many females cause of his charms, which is why his sister ShadowTaill gets jealous. He can have a bad side too, when he's mad he can bare his fangs out and spring to a bad guy whenever he/she messes with his friends or someone innocent. His traits are " Joyful, Lazy, and sometimes Aggressive." At Night though, He is a Bounty Hunter named Kein-Chi. He wears a classic ninja uniform that u might see girls wearing except he was a loose baggy white sweatpants underneath and dark-brown shoes (picture coming soon)

He hangs with ShadowTail cause she knows him well and they band a partnership to get a new home with each other. Once he gets to character house, the tables turn for him.