( Shadowtail as her human, with her animal on her left has it's color fading)

ShadowTail is a 15 year old female coyote with big front yellow baings and long brown hair in the back. She wears a brown sweater with a black t-shirt that goes to her middle waist and bright blue jeans. Her Tail and Ears are the only ones that stay on her no matter what she transforms to (humanXcoyote). Her fur is lite-brown with red eyes of a vampire

She had learned human English and human basics after turning into human the first time. Her triats are "loner, Stubborn, and Shy." She can be true to Ricky but when to someone else, she can't be.. not after she had been  harrassed by a bunch of men. She can blush easily when men are nice to her and if they act a certain way toward her. She can be tough during fights, but she is sensitive too.. It was rumored that she helps Kein-chi, a bounty hunter to eliminate all bad guys,but it's just a rumor..right?

She never left her brother's (Ricky's) side for a long time, even though she was more tougher than him.. til they arrived at Characters House and her journey ends, but her Saga begins.